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At-Risk Hemangioma

Benign vascular tumour that displays a period of active growth followed by stabilisation and eventual spontaneous involution. It is present at birth or arises during the first weeks of life. Hemangiomas may occur anywhere on the body, but they are most frequently noticed in the skin and subcutaneous tissues. About 60% occur in the head and neck area. Hemangiomas may be responsible for complications due to rapid growth and localisation. Ulceration is the most common complication, and it may be followed by infection, which can spread to deeper tissues, even resulting in septicaemia. Impaired vision may be a complication of periorbital hemangioma. Respiratory compromise is a conswquence of obstruction of the airway by hemangiomas in the oropharynx, nasal passages or laryngotracheal region. Disfigurement from rapidly growing hemangiomas of the head and neck may also be a serious problem.

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